– I am applying to NYU’s master’s professional studies program in public and corporate communications. My undergraduate degree is in elementary education, and I also have a minor in social work. I eventually plan to use this degree as an add-on to my education degree in advocating and supporting the needs of students in low-income… Continue reading Communications.

How to write a press release

Write a Press Release about yourself! Remember to respect the traditional PR format, and to talk about a specific, newsworthy event that happened in your life (can be fictional). How to format a press release in 2022 (w/Example) How to Format a Press Release in 2022 (w/ Examples) How to write a press release I… Continue reading How to write a press release

Proofread carefully:

Directions Part 1: Rating For this assessment, you will apply your developing skills with verbal and non-verbal communication to evaluate and provide feedback and then reflect on the speaker’s methods. To complete this assessment, you will watch the two following TedTalk presentations. • TedTalk 1: Bill Gates: Mosquitos, Malaria and Education • TedTalk 2: Jamie… Continue reading Proofread carefully:

Do not rely on .com sources.

Please submit the outline for your Informative Speech as an attachment in an MS Word document or PDF Be certain that your outline includes a references page in APA format and a hyperlinkLinks to an external site. to your speech posted on YouTube. For this assignment, you will present an Informative Speech (think of it… Continue reading Do not rely on .com sources.